Licenses and Special Licenses

Airlock is based on a license and subscription fee model: The base license is required only once, the Airlock Software Subscription as yearly recurring fee and a local support fee (yearly recurring) which depends on the SLA contract details between the local Airlock partner and the customer.

Base License (once): All license fees of the involved Airlock components combined. The base license is payed only once. Some licenses need to be calculated according to configuration and setup. Is is also possible to purchase site licenses for large environments.
Software Subscription Fee (yearly): All Airlock software licenses require the subscription contract in order to obtain support and regular software updates. The annual software subscription fee is charged in advance with 20% of the base license list price. The first subscription period starts with the delivery of the license keys.
Local support (yearly): Local customer support by a local partner. Based on a separately and individually defined service level agreement (SLA) between customer and the local Airlock partner. This local support is not directly related to Airlock or Ergon, however, it is highly recommended to have a local support partner, that is why it is mentioned here.

Special Licenses

Optional dedicated licenses allow a flexible approach to the different needs of various IT environments and scenarios. These dedicated licenses are considerably less expensive than a base license.


Evaluation License (Free)

The evaluation license can be used free of charge for demonstration, evaluation and presales purposes.


Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Optional favorably priced BCM licenses can be used for permanent stand-by installations as provision for the business continuity case during e.g. a natural disaster.


High Availability (HA) Option

Using the High Availability option provides advanced failover (active/passive cluster) functionality for solutions with high availability requirements.

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