Free evaluation license – download and installation

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How to apply: Please use the contact form.

The following describes the details of how to get the license and how to download and install an Airlock WAF (engineering level details)

1. Choose a suitable test environment

Specification: 64 bit compatible x86 architecture, 2GHz+ CPU, 2GB+ Memory, 20GB+ HD

Attention: Airlock WAF is a security device and does not tolerate other installations on the same machine. It is bundled with its own OS which will format all drives during the installation process. Please pay close attention to this point and install it only on suitable machines in a dedicated development or testing environment. You are not allowed to use this license in a production environment.

We suggest to use a virtual machine like VirtualBox or VMWare. If you plan to use the Airlock WAF as Docker host make sure that your environment supports nested virtualization.

2. How to get a license (which is bound to the MAC address of a network adapter)

It is advisable to start here as the license key is important and will be required later in order to activate the product.


2a) Please use the contact form or send an email with some additional background information to in order to request a license key. The evaluation license will be valid for 30 days or more (e.g. 4 months), which depends on your evaluation needs and background.

Please add the MAC address as the issued license key will be bound to it. Using the MAC address of a NIC within a virtual machine is perfectly fine. In case of multiple NICs, only one MAC address is required.

2b) If your request is granted: Go to step 3 and create a user account in the Airlock Techzone in order to get access to the download file.

2c) You will receive the license key by e-mail from Acrosec. Please allow some time for this process. However, product activation is the last step and you can already start installing after you got access to the download area.

3. Download Airlock WAF and create a bootable drive from ISO

Create a user account in the Airlock Techzone if you don’t have one yet. Register at “sign up here” by following this link

Please add also following context information during the registration process: “Ergon Contact: Acrosec”, “Account Reason: Free Trial Airlock WAF”.


Download the installation DVD image from the Techzone page ( If you see below information then you are on the right page.

File Checksum SHA256 Comment
airlock_ISO_x64_7.0.iso b8e4c7db875392963a012
ISO image for full system installations

Please note that Airlock WAF is downloaded as ISO file for the installation. Subsequent updates and upgrades are executables.

ISO files can usually not be executed directly and need to be prepared on your preferred install media (DVD, USB etc.). This requires making the media bootable before starting the installation. This is the same process as creating a bootable media for installing a Linux OS etc.

4. Installation and activation with the license key

Start the installation process from the bootable drive. It is similar to installing a Linux OS. Pay attention that you choose a suitable IP address for the Admin GUI (which is accessible with your browser).

Access the Admin GUI from your browser after the installation is finished. Copy-paste the license key in the appropriate menu and activate the Airlock. Start the configuration process. Use the help button on the Airlock or additional supporting documents on the Airlock Techzone for configuring Airlock:

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