What is the Airlock Suite?

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The Airlock Suite is a package solutions from Ergon Informatik (Switzerland). It deals with the issues of filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution – setting standards for usability and services.

At the base of the Airlock Suite is the Airlock WAF (Web Application Firewall) for reliable protection of Internet web applications. Features include systematic control and filtering mechanisms with a variety of enhancement options.

The Airlock Suite combines Airlock WAF with Airlock Login or IAM for reliable user authentication and authorization. Airlock Login is a simplified version of IAM.

Airlock IAM is the suite’s central authentication platform, including enterprise functions. With this product, customers, partners or employees log in just once for secure access to data and applications. Airlock IAM also automates user administration.

Optimal security is not the only benefit: Using Airlock brings high usability and cost efficiency to web application security.

Airlock Suite, Ergon’s main security product, was launched on the market in 2002 and is now used by 350 customers around the globe.

Airlock Suite

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