What is the difference between Airlock WAF and Airlock Login or IAM?

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The Airlock WAF (core) is the base of the Airlock Suite for providing WAF filtering functionalities. Further functionality can be added on the WAF core itself and/or with components running on different systems.

Using Airlock Login (and Authorization Enforcement Module) turns the WAF into a web access management solution, providing central authentication and access control functionalities upfront to all backend applications. Deploying it in a dedicated DMZ (on premise or in the cloud) is the ideal base for creating a high end security solution. The Airlock Login is a subset of the Airlock IAM package which is often not required in many cases.

The Airlock WAF is a reverse proxy solution. Compared to the analogy of a building, Airlock acts like a fortified entrance door with a security guard to enforce entry procedures. The access to the building is secured, however, the setup makes only sense if the building also has solid walls and if there are no other open doors or windows somewhere else which would circumvent the whole purpose of having a fortified front entrance.

Airlock is very effective as official security gate. Based on above analogy of a fortified entrance, the WAF Core compares to a body and luggage check point in order to prevent that dangerous goods enter the building. The Airlock Login provides additional security capabilities as it can be controlled who is allowed to access the building based on an identity check and access control list.

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