What is a DMZ?

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A DMZ (demilitarized zone) is in IT a special network zone which is normally placed between other network zones of different trust level. Most frequently it is used at the perimeter boundary in order to place external facing servers, i.e. web servers. However, a DMZ can be used in many different ways, also within the internal network. It is basically purpose, configuration and its use that defines if a DMZ is a dangerous no-go area or a trusted security zone.

Furthermore, there are multiple ways how to look at such DMZ network zones. The usual and obvious way is to look at it from the technical perspective because it is a technical subject belonging to network administration and to some security specialists. It is also a topic full of pitfalls as many technical details on many components need to be considered from multiple angles. The sum of these details will make the difference between security failure and success of a DMZ environement.

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