Application Form Free Development and Integration License

    I would like to apply for a free Airlock WAF development and integration license.

    Terms of use and license conditions of this campaign

    The following terms of use conditions apply for this campaign for promoting application security in addition to the generic Airlock License Conditions (08.16 from 2016/8/1) for using the free Airlock WAF with the developer and integration license (below mentioned as this license).

    1. The following terms of use for promoting free developer and integration licenses for the Airlock WAF product, apply in addition to the usual Airlock License Condition from Ergon, Version 08.16 as at August 1, 2016). The user has read and accepts this terms of use, the Airlock License Condition for using this license and also all third party licenses which are listed in the document Software-to-License. It is also deemed that the user accepts all license conditions from the moment when he starts using the product with this license.
    2. The user is a developer or engineer in an IT organization in Japan and related to application development, operation, testing and/or security engineering.
    3. This license can also be used for IT Security education under certain conditions in Universities or technical schools in Japan but it must be organized from a person employed by the institution.
    4. This license can only be used in a suitable environment dedicated to development or testing.
    5. The user agrees not to use this license in production environments.
    6. The user agrees not to use this license for creating services to third parties or for any other commercial offerings.
    7. This license is valid for 12 months and does not require a SSU contract.
    8. Access to Airlock WAF hotfixes, updates and upgrades is granted for as long as this license is valid.
    9. This license is offered as-is only and comes without any warranties.
    10. In no case Ergon or Acrosec will be liable for compensation for any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by the use of this product with this license.
    11. The user is not permitted to translate the Software from object code into source code (e.g. by reverse engineering, disassembling or decompiling).
    12. This free license does not include official support nor any access to the Airlock help desk ticketing system (support and help desk access is only possible with a valid SSU support contract which is excluded from this campaign).
    13. This campaign is limited to Airlock WAF and does not include other Airlock products, add-ons, modules or any other services.
    14. This license can be renewed for free under the same conditions as long as this campaign is running.
    15. This campaign starts in February 2017 and is open ended. Ergon and Acrosec reserve the right to change the conditions or duration of this campaign, or to end it at any time.
    16. A license remains valid until expiration, regardless when the campaign ends.

    The user must accept the above terms of use of this campaign in addition to the general Airlock License Conditions (version 08.16, 2016/8/1):
    Download here the general Airlock License Conditions as PDF

    Please use this contact form if you would like to ask specific questions about these conditions or if you would like to have more explications about them.

    I have read and understand the terms of use conditions for this campaign
    I have read and understand the general Airlock License Conditions (PDF version 08.16, 2016/8/1)

    I accept and agree to all of these terms of use and license conditions

    The license key will bind to this MAC address:

    Additional message: For which purpose you would like to use Airlock WAF? / Which Airlock WAF functions are you interested in?

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